Think your customer service will win you new business?

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As a print reseller, you might well put customer service at the forefront of your sales pitch. That’s what customers want, right? Actually, that’s what customers expect – as standard and every other print reseller or print broker who contacts that same potential customer is also claiming to offer the same excellent customer service as you.

“Great customer service” – everyone’s doing it

Here’s an interesting statistic from research carried out by the Directors’ Centre. While over 80% of companies believe they offer above average customer service, only 11% of companies believe they receive it. Furthermore, many customers are quite happy with average or acceptable levels of customer service, yet almost 100% of print suppliers use it as a major part of their sales pitch.

So if you’re focussing on great customer service to win more print resell business, you’re not offering anything different. Of course, you should give excellent customer service to new and existing customers. Even long-time clients will search elsewhere if they feel you’re lacking in that – or any – department. However, your sales pitch should focus more on what makes you different and on how you are best placed to solve your customers’ problems.

Be the solution to print problems

Ask potential customers about problems or headaches they face when buying and ordering print. If they say they already use a print service, ask if they’re 100% happy with it. Are there any areas the service could be improved? Can their supplier supply all the products they need? Are they happy with the value for money they receive? Whatever their problems, make sure they see that you can offer the perfect solution.

Be different

If everyone is claiming great levels of customer service, what makes your print reselling service any different? Rather than focus on customer service (remember, customers, should and do take that for granted) talk about what makes you different. Can you offer a wider range of products? Can you offer products that are out of the ordinary? Can you manage the entire print project from start to finish so that your client can carry on with their own business with complete peace of mind?

Rather than just claim to offer great customer service in print resell, be specific about how your print reselling service can help each particular customer you contact. launched in 2016 to supply a professional, all round, premium quality trade printing service throughout Ireland. Our award-winning website makes it easy to price print, upload artwork, and order from any of our extensive range of digital and large format products. Register online to join the many print resellers, designers and marketers who’ve partnered with You’ll enjoy complete peace of mind that your print job will be of the highest quality and be delivered on time, every time. Our print quality, service and delivery times are guaranteed. To find out more or register as a trade customer and get 50% off and free delivery on your first order visit

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