Think your customer service will win you new business?

Trade Digital Print
As a print reseller, you might well put customer service at the forefront of your sales pitch. That’s what customers want, right? Actually, that’s what customers expect – as standard and every other print reseller or print broker who contacts that same potential customer is also claiming to offer the same excellent customer service as you. Read Full Article

Roll up banner stands FAQs

The three most common questions about roll up banner stands

Roll Up Banner Stand

Roll up banner stands are always popular because of their effectiveness and versatility. We see them in shops, at trade shows, events, hotel receptions, conferences and in many business premises. Many businesses want roll up banner stands but aren’t really sure how to use them. If you’re a designer you’ll know that a roll up banner stand can be extremely effective and striking in the right location and with the right visual content. You’ve also probably faced questions from clients about the roll up banner stand you’re designing. Read Full Article

Print resellers – Use leaflet printing to win more design clients

For print resellers, building up a good relationship with a designer or marketing agency is extremely beneficial and professionally rewarding for both sides. Designers need to completely trust their printers or print resellers to deliver professional, high-quality print to often tight deadlines. As a print reseller you probably have design clients but how can you get even more?

Printed leaflets – effective, value for money print marketing
The versatility of printed leafletsLeaflets makes them ideal for promoting your printing service, listing products and services or even offering special deals. And you already know how to the best print prices so why not use them to win more clients? Designers are skilled professionals and probably already know a thing or two about printing, so how do you make sure your leaflets convince them to use your printing service over a competitor? Read Full Article

How to overcome creative block

Creative Block

Every creative has experienced creative block. Designers, writers, artists and musicians all have their own stories of creative block and how they overcame it. Gary Lightbody, founder and singer of one of Ireland’s biggest bands struggled with the problem for four years before writing material for their forthcoming album. The advice the Snow Patrol front man says he received from fellow musicians rings true whether you’re a songwriter, designer or copywriter: “Keep writing – even if it’s gibberish.

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Build your print selling business! How to sell more print in 2018

How to sell printThe print selling market in Ireland is hugely competitive and as we enter another new year potential customers will be bombarded by printers, print brokers and print resellers all trying to get business. Cold calling is often met with replies like “I already have a printer” or “We’re not looking for anything just now”. Printers and resellers will come back with all sorts of details about their print capabilities. However, all any potential customer really wants to know is: Read Full Article

Help your customers with print in their New Year marketing plans

Asking the right questions is the modern way to sell print to marketers

Sell Print To MarketersMarketing like the print industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Businesses can measure results in real time using tracking systems and analytics. That means marketers are accountable and must demonstrate a good return on investment on all products across digital and traditional print mediums. As a print reseller, you need to help marketers find the products that will fit their marketing mix and increase revenue for their clients. That means you need to be creative in how you sell print. Read Full Article

Best print and lowest prices guaranteed

Instant rewards – guaranteed lowest prices ­– trustworthy, reliable print

trade digital printer rewards

At we believe in rewarding our loyal customers as they order their print – not just years, months or even weeks later. As a trade customer, you get the very best quality digital print along with an extensive range of delivery options and superb customer service from our expert trade team based right here in Ireland – and it’s all guaranteed. You also get discounts from your very first order – 50% off your first job and free delivery as well as starting to build your spend figure to enjoy up to 5% discount on every job you order. Read Full Article

Need last minute Christmas print? No problem.

It’s been an extremely busy year at and we’re delighted that we’ve helped so many trade customers supply their clients with professional, high quality print. Since we launched our new website last year we’ve been extremely busy and the awards we’ve won this year are great news for us and for you – our trade customers.

tdp hols

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Q: Do your clients need more business cards?

A: Yes they do – always.

Whatever business you’re in you should always carry your business cards. As print resellers and designers business cards are a great add-on to other print sales as well as being constantly required in their own right. Your client may think they have enough business cards – these incredibly important marketing tools are often taken for granted – but asking your client a few simple questions could open their eyes and open new sales doors for you.

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