Create business postcards that clients love

Business Postcards

Nowadays, the majority of us communicate via online channels such as email, social media and chatrooms. But did you know that business postcards remain an effective marketing tool? Your client’s customers are far more likely to engage with a tangible item, such a postcard, rather than an annoying pop-up ad on a computer screen. In this post, highlight the benefits of postcard printing, demonstrating how you can create amazing business postcards for your clients. Read Full Article

How effective are posters in advertising?

Poster Advertising

The simple answer is very! Posters are extremely effective at getting your client’s message in front of vast numbers of potential customers and a poster advertising campaign can cost much less than other forms of marketing. That makes poster advertising very attractive, especially to small businesses – and to print resellers. Read Full Article

What is print marketing? – Your 2019 guide to big-selling marketing products

corinne-kutz-211251-unsplashThese days most businesses use online marketing. If you’re a print reseller you probably do so yourself but you’ll know that offline marketing products are more effective than ever when it comes to provoking a response and getting those all important sales. Last year was a great year for print and 2019 looks to continue the trend. But what products can you show potential customers to convince them to buy print as well as gather online likes? Read Full Article

A guide to corporate gift giving

corporate giftsA great way to help clients (and get more business for yourself) is to help them with ideas for corporate gifts especially at this time of year. Printed gifts are great for businesses and there’s something to suit any budget. We’ve listed a few products that we think your clients and their customers will love. Read Full Article

Compliment slips? What are compliment slips?

?????????????????????Surprising at it may seem to anyone in the print or design world, “What are compliment slips” is a question we’ve been asked more than once. It’s true that compliment slips and even printed letterheads might be seen by some new businesses as unnecessary, but actually, our digital world makes them more important than ever. Read Full Article

How to sell trade brochures to customers

Trade Brochures

Many business owners today concentrate on web and social media marketing. While it’s obviously wise to have a good online presence it’s a huge mistake to ignore printed marketing such as trade brochures. If clients seem reluctant to invest in printed trade brochures there are a few things they should know. We’ve listed some questions clients often ask along with some answers that might surprise them – and convince them to have you produce their newly designed and printed trade brochures.

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Printing like a pro

Take your clients to new places with great ideas for their print

Printing processes

Today, ever advancing digital printing technology combined with a constantly growing and varied range of paper types allows print resellers to offer clients much more than just print on demand. There’s no shortage of print resellers in Ireland and they’re all fighting for business – your business. Fortunately, there is a number of ways in which you can offer clients unique and innovative print solutions that will greatly enhance their projects and grow your reputation in a competitive industry. Read Full Article

Creative direct mail ideas for your clients

PublipostageAs a designer or print reseller, it’s easy to simply service your clients’ needs by supplying the print and design they request. But you can and add value to your service (and increase your sales) by advising clients on marketing they may not previously have thought of or feel they need. Direct mail is one form of promotion that many businesses ignore even though it has a proven track record of success and a great return on investment. Read Full Article

A guide to finding the perfect trade print partner

trade print partnerPrint reselling is big business. Whether you’re a print broker, designer, marketer or print buyer for an agency you probably spend time gathering quotes and negotiating to find the best deals for your clients. You’ll also know that the cheapest is often far from the best. Your reputation is on the line with every print job you supply and poor quality print or a missed deadline can have a devastating effect on your business. Read Full Article