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Did you know that by using Trade Digital Print Ireland as your print supplier, you not only get high-quality digital print products, such as business cards, you can also order professionally bound printed booklets? Well if you didn’t know, now you do! In this post, we’ll discuss the range of booklet printing and binding options that we offer.

What is Booklet Printing?

Booklet printing can take on a vast array of guises. Generally, however, booklets are created when customers want to bind a collection of individual pages together in order to create a book of some description.

What are Booklets used For? 

The booklet printing options available at can have many different uses. For example, booklets can be created for:

– Annual reports
– Reference material
– Recipe books
– Instruction manuals
– Magazines

What is Saddle Stitch Binding?

Saddle stitching is a binding technique for documents up to 48 pages long. It is a flexible and cost-effective binding method, fastening pages together with staples along the spine. At, we square off the spine of documents longer than 24 pages long to avoid the annoyance of books springing open.

What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect binding is typically used for documents that are too thick to be saddle-stitched. In this method, the pages and cover are glued together using a strong and flexible adhesive that provides and professional and sophisticated finish. For this binding technique, we use industry-standard PUR glue due to its excellent tolerance to all temperatures and added durability.

What is Wire Binding?

Our final binding method is wire binding. This method is suitable for documents between 8 and 360 printed pages. It involves collating pages together and punching holes along the edge into which a metal wire or spiral is inserted and clamped closed. This binding method is unique in that it offers users the ability to fold pages fully back around without any tension.

Booklet Printing at

If your customers are looking for high quality printed booklets, is the place for you. Our use industry-leading HP Indigo Digital Presses means that your printed booklets are quality assured, no matter the binding method that you choose. Sign up to today and get 50% off your first order with FREE all Ireland delivery, including Dublin, Limerick, Galway and beyond.

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