Print resellers – Use leaflet printing to win more design clients

For print resellers, building up a good relationship with a designer or marketing agency is extremely beneficial and professionally rewarding for both sides. Designers need to completely trust their printers or print resellers to deliver professional, high-quality print to often tight deadlines. As a print reseller you probably have design clients but how can you get even more?

Printed leaflets – effective, value for money print marketing
The versatility of printed leafletsLeaflets makes them ideal for promoting your printing service, listing products and services or even offering special deals. And you already know how to the best print prices so why not use them to win more clients? Designers are skilled professionals and probably already know a thing or two about printing, so how do you make sure your leaflets convince them to use your printing service over a competitor?

Use a professional designer
Even if you dabble in design yourself it pays to bring in an experienced professional to work on your leaflet. Remember you’re targeting designers so an unprofessional looking leaflet will turn them off immediately. Also, your design clients are your customers so giving back some business shows loyalty and helps strengthen your relationship. You might even come to an agreement where you offer free or discounted printing rather than pay them directly.

Show a variation of design styles – beautifully printed
Printed leaflets come in many sizes, flat and folded. That gives you room to show how your printing service can perfectly reproduce a range of designs that use different elements from bold, solid colours to subtle tones and fine lines. Choose visual elements and great images that illustrate how well your printing service reproduces intricate graphics and photographs.

Use content to answer the questions you know designers will ask
Designers work for a long time on concepts and artwork so they expect the print quality to match their professional design. They’ll want assurances on quality and may ask what sort of presses will be used. They’ll be particular about the paper they choose and the turnaround times they can expect. Answer these questions on your leaflet and designers are much more likely to give you work. It might not be right away, especially if they have a print service they already use. However, eventually their regular provider may not be able to meet their needs on a particular job and they’ll have to look elsewhere. Make sure they look to you with a professionally printed, well-targeted leaflet that shows you can supply print to meet the requirements of professional designers. supply a full range of print including leaflets, flyers and booklets to our trade customers. If you haven’t already registered online, do it today and receive 50% off and free delivery on your first order. Whether you’re a print reseller, designer or marketing professional our professional, our trade printing service is perfect for your needs and every aspect of our service from the quality of our print to our turnaround times is guaranteed. To find out how to win more clients through targeted leaflet printing visit or contact our professional trade print team today.




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