Shaping your print budget for 2017

Like most businesses, you’ll have plans and goals for the New Year. You’ll also probably have looked at your expenditure for the coming year and that will include your marketing budget. When looking at marketing, it’s important not to see expenditure in terms of the initial costs, but to look at the overall return on investment. Below, we look at how trends could and should shape your budget in 2017.Print Marketing

Have you set a print budget for 2017?
When setting your print budget, don’t be fooled into thinking that printing less will save you money. While you might initially spend less on print, a reduction in your print marketing spend could well result in poorer sales and cost you a large amount of money in the long term.
A better strategy is to research and identify your target audience and devise targeted marketing campaigns aimed directly at them.

Big returns on a small budget
Many of our trade customers are using our large format products to create cost-effective advertising campaigns. Outdoor advertising products look like becoming extremely popular in 2017. They’re great value for money because they reach many people for little expenditure.

Our printed stickers continue to grow in popularity. A great low-cost marketing option that can really boost your sales and build your brand, stickers are extremely versatile. With sizes starting at 25mm diameter, printed stickers can go in places other advertising simply can’t reach.

Direct mail is another consistently successful marketing option. Research shows that 65% of people have bought something as a result of direct mail. That’s a great return on investment and compares favourably with the 23% of consumers who open email marketing.

Print and digital media working side-by-side
Of course, we live in a digital age, but many of the best and most effective marketing campaigns combine digital or online marketing with print. People are still more likely to engage with print than with material published online. That’s why we print so many brochures, leaflets and booklets for our trade customers. Many customers include web and social media details on printed materials to drive traffic online. Some businesses with smaller online presence will use their website to entice customers to order printed catalogues or brochures.
Great results can be achieved when print and digital media are combined and that trend looks set to continue and grow in 2017.

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