Creative direct mail ideas for your clients

PublipostageAs a designer or print reseller, it’s easy to simply service your clients’ needs by supplying the print and design they request. But you can and add value to your service (and increase your sales) by advising clients on marketing they may not previously have thought of or feel they need. Direct mail is one form of promotion that many businesses ignore even though it has a proven track record of success and a great return on investment.

Get creative to rise above the crowd

One reason people often ignore direct mail is the sheer amount of it we get every day. It’s true that we receive a large amount of unsolicited marketing and much of it goes straight into the recycling bin. However, research consistently shows that the vast majority of direct mail gets read and that means that if you use some creativity you have got a great chance of getting new business for your clients and for yourself. You just have to think a little differently. Here are a few ideas your client might like:

Greeting cards have many uses

People are much more likely to notice and read a greeting card than some other forms of direct mail. Greeting cards seem much more personal and at times like Christmas or birthdays they will almost certainly be kept and displayed. What better way is there to promote your business than to have your brand displayed for days or even weeks? If you have got a new product, business address or launch, use a greeting card to announce it. They’re great as invites to events as well. Greeting cards keep working long after they’re delivered so suggest your client use them.

Effective flyers come from great design

Many businesses use flyers but they often fail due to poor design and content. A clever or humorous headline and unique image will see a flyer read, passed on to others or kept for future reference. A simple message to get interest and a call to action is all your client needs to entice the reader to find out more.

Postcards mean business

A postcard is immediately more noticeable than a message on paper. Card seems more permanent and if your postcard includes a special offer it’s much more likely to lead to enquiries and business. The same rules apply to postcards as to flyers. A short, snappy message is always the way to go. Postcards are extremely cost-effective and conveniently sized for mailing and for pockets.

Say more with folded leaflets

Folded leaflets allow for more information. You can list more products or services and go into a little more detail, but try to keep it brief and advise your client to use bullet points rather than paragraphs of text. Any direct mail message should be easy to read and digest quickly so keep the message succinct and use an attention-grabbing cover.

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