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Document BindingThree questions to ask clients who are looking for document binding

At we offer three types of bound documents to our trade customers:

Perfect binding

With perfect binding, the single pages are stacked and squared off before being glued together along the spine. The cover is wrapped around and also glued to the spine using the same PUR adhesive. PUR is very strong and flexible so the book can be opened flat without the spine cracking or pages coming loose.

Saddle stitched

The pages in a saddle stitched document are stacked as spreads then folded and stapled along the fold so that one spread makes four printed pages.

Wiro bound

Wiro bound is made up from single pages that are hole punched along the rear edge. A black spiral wire is then fed through the holes to bind the pages together.

Each form of binding has its advantages and the one you choose for yourself or your client will depend on a number of factors. If your client requires a multi-page booklet or document, ask them three main questions before you advise them on the best binding method.

  • How many pages is the document?

This is a simple but crucial question when deciding on the best binding method for your document. If your document is between eight and 64 printed pages, saddle stitched could be an ideal solution and if there are 24 or more pages we’ll square off the spine to stop the booklet springing open.  Remember that because saddle stitched booklets are made from folded spreads, your final page count must be a multiple of four.

Wiro bound books can contain between four and 180 single leaves printed on both sides. That’s 360 printed pages.

Perfect bound books can be anything between 40 and 700 printed pages. So if your page count is over 360 printed pages it has to be perfect bound.

  • What’s the purpose of the document?

The final purpose of the document is also important. Saddle stitching is simple and cost effective when printing reports, magazines, brochures and company booklets. Wiro bound books open completely flat and the pages fold all the way back around making wiro bound great for reference or recipe books, manuals and presentation documents. Perfect binding is a popular method often used for brochures, catalogues, magazines and novels.

  • What size is the book?

Both saddle stitched and perfect bound books come in five sizes with both portrait and landscape options. There’s A6, A5, 1/3 A4, A4 and a square size of 210x210mm.

Wiro bound sizes differ from perfect bound and saddle-stitched in that wiro bound doesn’t come in A6 size. However, wiro bound is available in A3. With six different sizes available across the range, your client is sure to find one that perfectly suits their needs.

At we supply booklets, brochures, books and other documents to trade customers. We use HP Indigo digital presses to produce print of the very highest quality. We’ve worked hard for over 20 years to build up the excellent reputation we enjoy for the quality of our work, our customer service and our reliability. Our customers expect and trust us to deliver exceptional work on time, every time. Our website allows you to get instant quotes, upload artwork, order and arrange delivery online. Register as a trade customer to get 50% off your first order and free delivery along with special offers, trade only deals and instant rewards. To find out more visit or contact our dedicated team of experts today.

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