The Importance of Loyalty Cards for Business

To thrive in the print resale industry you need to find a trusted trade printer with a reliable reseller scheme and select an enticing portfolio of print products that are both in high-demand and competitive on price. 

One product you should consider in the mix is loyalty cards – widely used in cafes, coffee shops, beauty salons, dry cleaners and retail stores in high streets throughout Ireland. Not only that, a loyalty card can cost as little as 4c(based on 500 cards) to print and contributes many benefits to businesses.

You can resell high-quality printed loyalty cards and make money in the process by explaining to your clients how the small yet effective card can improve marketing and sales. Listed below are the key benefits of loyalty cards in the context of your client’s business:

Improve Customer Retention 

Aside from a loyalty card being a great promotional item and a good way to attract new customers, a loyalty card program helps build trust between you and your customers which keeps them coming back.

Rewarding repeat custom is a great way of bringing customers back into your shop or business again and again. Using a loyalty card scheme builds brand loyalty and effectively helps grow your business. 

Increase Your Sales

Loyalty cards motivate customers to come back as often as they can to take advantage of the special offers. Whether it’s getting their 10th coffee free or receiving a discount when they’ve purchased a certain amount of products, loyalty cards encourage a regular stream of sales that your business may not normally account for. It’s a win-win for you and your customers! 

Drive Product Awareness

Loyalty cards can encourage customers to try out new products or services they perhaps wouldn’t normally try. By offering them the chance to try it for free or at a discounted rate due to their loyalty, you could end up broadening their purchases from your business. Many businesses’ find changing the rewards from time to time can keep things fresh and gives you the opportunity to inform your customers about other products.

Increase Your Reach

When one of your loyal customers enjoys your special offers, discounts or rewards, they are more likely to spread the good word! You can also include techniques such as “recommend a friend and get an extra stamp on your card” to encourage word to spread even further…

Boost Customer Loyalty and Happiness 

Make your customers feel important and more connected to your business with a loyalty card. Keep them coming back for more by giving them what they deserve as loyal customers!

How to Design Printed Loyalty Cards?

At, we have a range of templates available to help with all your designs. You can find our loyalty card design template here. The look and feel of your loyalty card is entirely up to you and your client! However, to ensure you get the best results, there are a few design guidelines worth adhering to:

  • – To ensure your text looks the best it can be, we ask that all text is kept to a minimum of 7pts to ensure that when it prints it looks legible.
  • – Extra care should be taken when supplying a font which is very thin, as due to the digital printing technique each letter is made out of tiny dots, some of which may look very faded if there is not enough ink area within your text.
  • – If supplying black text, ensure it is set to 100% black (0/0/0/100) to help ward off any registration issues and give a nice crisp result.
  • – Make sure you extend your background colour into the bleed, otherwise you might end up with a thin white border.
  • – Keep it simple… but always include your client’s business name, logo, contact details and T&C’s in small print somewhere on the card.
  • – Leave enough space to evenly spread out your boxes for stamping/writing/stickering.
  • – Stick with the most popular styles of loyalty cards; rectangular, square corners, round corners or lamination.

Why use

When printing on behalf of a client, our printed loyalty cards really project quality, style and professionalism – as the leading trade specialists, we take great pride in the work we do and we want you and your client to be delighted with your order. You only ever print what you need. 

For added value, why not include smaller round branded stickers within your client’s order? Our 19mm round stickers are the perfect solution to mark off the loyalty card, and an even better way to enforce branding that’s cleaner than using messy ink stamps. Order 19mm round sticker here.

At, we specialise in digital printing that is proven to leave a lasting impact with customers. We use only top of the range HP Indigo Digital Presses; therefore, bold colours, sharp imagery and crystal clear text are assured. We can even deliver directly to your customers, always using plain, unbranded packaging. So why not try us out and let join your team today. 

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