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Showcase your creativity with printed stickers


Printed stickers can be a really creative way to promote brands, events or businesses. They’ve become popular marketing tools as part of advertising strategies and as stand-alone marketing campaigns. If your client is embarking on a promotion, they might be very receptive to the originality and flexibility offered by printed stickers.

Printed stickers – perfect targeting tools

A huge advantage printed stickers enjoy over other forms of advertising is that the campaign can be located anywhere and is completely adaptable. For example, this month alone Dublin hosts the Women’s Rugby World Cup, Comic Con and the Dublin Horse Show among other events. Throughout the summer there are festivals and shows all over Ireland from Cork to Cavan; Donegal to Dingle. Advertisers know the sort of audiences who’ll be visiting these events so campaigns can be created to appeal to those specific demographics and located where they’ll be seen by the large numbers attending. Printed stickers are really cost effective even for small quantities so you can customise their design for different events.

Push the boundaries of your creativity

Stickers can go anywhere and sizes range from 25mm diameter right up to A3. Rather than rely on using areas where you might expect to find stickers and posters, many advertisers are looking at places where the design and location of the sticker will be a surprise and so stand out even more. A sticker on a shop wall might be designed to look like a hole in the wall showing something inside. A window sticker might look like a crack in the glass. Of course, the quality of the print is vital to carry this off effectively. Our trade customers know we only use HP Indigo digital presses that produce the best colour and picture quality on the market. That means your stickers will look sharp and your images realistic and sharp, giving your creativity even more scope.

Perfect print partners

We’d love to work with you to produce superb stickers for your clients. We’ve built a reputation for exceptional print, reliability and excellent customer service. We’re delighted that so many of our trade customers post reviews of their experiences and we’d love to help you deliver perfect print.

If you’re not already registered as a trade customer with, sign up today to get 50% off your first order and free delivery. You can price your job online and save your quote so you can compare our prices before you order. And if you find a better like for like quote elsewhere, we’ll endeavor to match or even beat it. When you’re ready to go ahead, just upload your artwork, order your job and arrange delivery online. Trade customers enjoy exclusive deals, monthly offers, benefits and of course special trade discounts. To register or find our more, simply visit or contact our expert print team.

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