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Folds/Folded Leaflet Guide

Folded Leaflets

A - Half Fold

We print the sheet then fold it in half to create four pages; front cover, back cover and two inner pages. A greeting card is a typical example of a half fold.

B - Roll Fold

We crease the printed sheet twice, making six pages. We trim the right panel – or back page – 2mm shorter so that it folds neatly inside the other two pages. A flat A4 sheet folded like this will make a 1/3 A4 leaflet. Utility bills are usually folded in this way.

C - Z Fold or Accordion Fold

The printed sheet is creased twice for a Z fold or more for an accordion fold. Then the leaflet is parallel folded to open like an accordion.

D - Gate Fold

The printed sheet is creased twice, so that the left and right pages are half the size of the centre page. When folded inward, they meet in the middle to create a six page leaflet. Many wedding invitations are folded in this way.

Check your Folds

For folded leaflets or documents, always double check the fold before supplying your artwork. A good idea is to print out a copy and fold it yourself, to make sure the pages are in the right order and no text runs over the folds by mistake.

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