So your client wants vinyl window graphics?

Essential questions to ask before you begin


There’s no doubt that a storefront or business premises branded with vinyl window graphics is one that gets noticed by pedestrians and passing motorists alike. Vehicle windows are another area where businesses can advertise for free as they travel throughout Ireland. Little wonder then that a growing number of clients are asking for vinyl window graphics to promote their products and grow their brand.

Often a client may have seen premises or vehicles branded with window graphics and decided they too should be advertising this way. However, they may not be aware of the options and their implications so there are some questions you need to ask before you start to design.

Precisely where will the graphics be?

Will the vinyl window graphics be on a street-facing window, inside an office or on a vehicle?

With see-through window graphics on a window, you can see out while those on the other side can see the graphic but can’t see through it. They do restrict the light that comes in and there are some restrictions when used on vehicle windows so check with your supplier. See-through vinyl window graphics are self-adhesive and must be applied to the outside of the window.

Self-adhesive vinyl is not at all transparent but can be applied to windows, walls or hoardings or any surface indoor and out. It comes in both removable and permanent options.

How long will the graphics remain in place?

If a client wants a graphic to stay up indefinitely or for a fixed but long time, it’s important that the design doesn’t date. For example, displaying prices should be avoided on long-term graphics as should services that are only available at certain times of the year or products that are likely to sell out. Clients often won’t think this way so always ask the question.

How daring can they be?

Vinyl window graphics are perfect for getting really creative with different styles of design. You can go super-real so that from a distance your graphics don’t even appear like graphics. If a client is covering a window while refurbishment is taking place, you’ve got a great opportunity to tease with mysterious or suspenseful ideas. Clients who are daring enough to use vinyl window graphics are likely to be open to creative ideas, so try them out with yours. was launched last year to supply professional digital and large format print products exclusively to trade customers in Ireland. With nearly 30 years’ experience in the print industry we recognised that trade print customers have specific needs and strives to meet those needs with the best quality print you’ll find online. We use industry leading high definition large format presses and HP Indigo digital presses. Our advanced production systems mean that our efficiency, value for money and reliability match the exceptional quality of our print. To see our full range of products or find out more about vinyl window graphics, visit or contact our expert trade print team today.


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