Using Christmas Cards to sell to lapsed clients

Christmas Card

Christmas is a great time of year for you or your customers to reconnect with lapsed clients without making a cold sales call. How? Send a Christmas card! There’s no more natural way to remind clients about your business, products or services than by sending a Christmas card.

Christmas cards sell your business (without selling)

Digital Christmas card printing allows you to promote your business without looking like you’re selling anything. Everyone likes to get Christmas cards so they’ll always be well received and they’ll be displayed. People will always look at cards to see who they’re from and that means free marketing for the sender.


A great, added service for your clients

If you’re a print reseller, print buyer or a designer you’ll have clients who send Christmas cards to their own customers. Offering your clients a card printing service means they can send customised Christmas cards that will promote their business. Suggesting they send Christmas cards to lapsed and potential new customers as well as existing clients is advise your clients will appreciate. They’ll see that it’s great for their business and that means larger orders for you.


Think differently

Suggest your customers create a Christmas card that really says something about their business. A staff photograph is a great way to build relationships by showing the human side of a business. A humorous card relevant to the product or service they supply can really make a card memorable and pave the way for a call in the new year. Think about using white ink; perfect for this time of year, or luxury papers to make the card really stand out. There are a great many options available with Christmas card printing so consider that can make your card more creative and noticeable when it’s displayed among others.


Add a personal note

It really helps to add a personal note on the inside aimed at the recipient to show you haven’t just blanket-sent cards without much thought. (If you use a name when sending to a lapsed client, do check first to ensure that person is still with the company.)

Used correctly, Christmas cards really can reignite old business relationships so make sure you and your customers don’t miss this great opportunity – after all, it only comes once a year. offer company Christmas card printing for our trade customers on a wide range of quality paper stock. Specialist Trucard is coated on one side and uncoated on the inside. You can also have your cards on gloss, silk and premium uncoated as well as on any of our luxury papers or recycled options. Our HP Indigo presses produce exceptional digital print and our trade customers know they can expect trustworthy, reliable service as well as guaranteed print quality and turnaround times. To register as a trade customer or to find out more about how you can help your clients renew old relationships with Christmas card printing, visit today.

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