Understanding your customers and the print industry

The importance of knowing both your customers and your print partner

Print marketingThe marketing industry is like any other. Some customers want the cheapest product available regardless of quality while some will pay more for a quality product and see overall value for money as more important than initial cost. If you’re a designer, marketer or in the business of buying print, you’ll already know the importance of understanding the category into which your customers fit.

Understand your customers
If you’re experienced in advertising, marketing or design you’ll already have decided on the type of customer you want to target. If you’re new to reselling print or simply haven’t thought about targeting, ask yourself what type of customers you want. What are their print needs? How much do they spend annually? Even if you’ve been in business for some time it’s sometimes easy to lose focus on exactly the type of customers you want to serve. It’s worth taking a fresh look at your targeting every few months. Are you still focusing sales in the right areas? Has your ideal customer changed?

Why choose you?
In today’s marketplace, customers have a huge range of choices when they need work printed. So make sure those customers have a good reason to choose you. What extra services can you add to their business? Is there a particular field in which you specialise? Make sure potential customers know right away what makes you different; what makes you better. Of course, the service you offer will depend on your print supplier.

Choose your print partner – Their print is your reputation
The print you supply bears the name of your business, so of course, you need to have complete trust in your printer. Check their product range and delivery options. Are products and turnaround times guaranteed? Check for testimonials or online reviews. Independent websites like Google Reviews and Reviews.co.uk are useful for finding out what customers really think of suppliers. Some printers appear to be based locally but outsource their print to Britain or abroad. Find out if a printer is really based in Ireland. Can you contact them directly about your job? When your reputation is on the line you need complete trust in your print partner. You need to know that your printer knows your job and understands your specific needs.

When suppliers become partners…
When you work with a printer you can trust to deliver the quality, service, and type of print your customers require you can build very effective and beneficial partnerships. Customer rewards, loyalty bonuses and offers can further reduce what should already be good prices for trade. And you’ll build personal relationships that will greatly benefit both parties.

We launched TradeDigitalPrint.ie with the aim of supplying high-quality print and service to trade customers throughout Ireland. We print only on top of the range HP Indigo presses and Roland large-format presses. We strive to continually build on our already impressive reputation for quality print, exceptional customer service, and reliability. To find out more about the benefits of choosing a mmultiaward-winning trade printer as your partner in print and to see the full range of products we supply, simply visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.ie or contact our Ireland based customer service team today.

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