Trade sign printing tips

Trade Sign Printing Tips

With trade sign printing, you want your large format posters to stand out for all the right reasons. But this is easier said than done; there’s no shortage of ways to slip up. Therefore, in this post, Trade Digital Print Ireland provides our top trade sign printing tips to help you create amazing large format posters for your customers and clients.

1. Font choices

Your clients want to send a message with their large format posters, right? Well, this will be pretty hard to do if passers-by can’t make out the font! In trade sign printing, readability is critical — and so too is your choice of font. See some font guidelines below:

  • Overly-bold fonts and those that are crowded closely together make it difficult for the reader to distinguish individual letters.
  • Overly-thin fonts struggle to stand out from the background.
  • The spacing of Sans Serif-style fonts tends to confuse the reader by making gaps between words appear less obvious.

Want an easy way to test a font for trade sign printing? Type it up on your screen, then stand some metres back to see whether or not you can make it out.

2. Colour choices

Colour contrast is another crucial aspect of effective trade sign printing. The stark contrast between light and dark colours will help on-lookers to read your client’s sign — even at a considerable distance away. What’s more, when designing the large format poster, it’s imperative that you set your design software to CYMK colour mode. This will ensure the most accurate rendition of colours when the trade sign is sent to print.

3. Image choices

Trade sign printing necessitates the use of vector images. Unlike JPEG and various other bitmap formats, vectors do not consist of thousands of individual pixels with a fixed location and colour value. In actual fact, lines, colours and shapes within vector images are defined by complex mathematical equations. In basic terms, this means that vector images can scale to any size without becoming grainy and pixelated. Furthermore, vectors file sizes are smaller than bitmap images, meaning that they will spool to the printer in a quick and efficient fashion without causing the dreaded buffer screen.

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