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Trade Printed Folders

We’re constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising across all sorts of media. Press or television ads, online campaigns and printed marketing promotions are constantly trying to convince us to buy products and services. One marketing item that has been consistently successful and popular throughout decades of changing trends is the trade brochure. At we supply trade brochures to all types of trade customers from sole traders and small businesses right up to large corporations. Printed brochures are cost effective, easy to produce and more importantly, they work!

What’s so great about trade brochures?
There’s no better way to sell your products, your services or your brand than with a professionally printed trade brochure. Sure, you can show what you do on your website and social media pages, but people don’t browse online the way they do with physical print. When we visit a website, we tend to scan for what we want and leave quickly if we don’t find it. However, we’ll pick up and browse through a brochure in a much more relaxed way than when we read information on a website, tablet or smartphone.

Trade brochures are more engaging
The tactile nature of print means that we are much more likely to fully engage with what we read in a brochure. We can see the product and read about it easily, without scrolling. We can see other similar products without having to look somewhere else. People engage more with printed brochures and that means they engage more with your products.

Impress with professionally printed trade brochures
Because print is a physical medium it’s vital to make sure that your brochure both looks and feels professional. At we print all our brochures on our market leading HP Indigo digital presses. They produce rich, vibrant colours and sharp, clear images, so your products and graphics will be superbly reproduced. We only use premium quality papers and supply an extensive range of uncoated, silk and gloss paper types in a variety of weights. We supply recycled papers and our trade customers can also choose from our stunning luxury paper range. To see all the choices available, simply visit our website or order a sample pack.

At we’ve supplied our trade customers across Ireland for over 20 years. We’ve built our reputation on truly excellent quality and service. We strive not just to meet our customers’ expectations but to exceed them and we’re extremely proud of our reputation as a reliable, trustworthy, professional print partner. As a trade customer of you’ll enjoy regular trade only offers, exclusive trade prices, special print deals, rewards and benefits. Register now and you’ll get 50% off your first order as well as free delivery. To find out more or to get prices, upload artwork and order your trade brochure online, simply visit or contact our expert trade print team today!

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