It’s not about where you start… It’s all about the finish!

You’re coming at your trade print project from the exact opposite end of where your customers are: you’re starting at the beginning, thinking about what needs to be included, what you want to say and making choices about colours and budget. And then there’s that pesky deadline…
All they get to see, feel and touch is the finished product. So no pressure.Trade Digital Print

Here’s a tip: if you can see the finish (line) – you’re halfway there!
If you can envisage what your final print will look like, it makes it so much easier to bring all the elements together. The right paper stock gives an invaluable first impression. A well-chosen finish conveys more about your business or brand’s quality values than any words can say. And a well-executed format creates intrigue and engagement. The decisions can be overwhelming given the choices available: you can literally do anything. So given a blank page, where do you start?

The Trade Digital Print Guide to Getting a Great Finish

1. Paper
Paper is important: it’s not only visual, it’s tactile. And there’s never been more choice. Mixing up paper stocks can take your print from average to out of this world – it’s an easy yet highly effective way to create a print product that just begs to be picked up and read.

2. Process
Our CMYK print process offers more than enough creative potential. It also allows us to offer the highest possible quality at the best possible price – so you can be confident of stunning results in the fastest turnaround times.

3. Finish
When you need that little extra zing, a certain je ne sais quois, something that conveys bespoke, unique or high end without being flash or frivolous, a matt, gloss or satin finish, whether all over or as a spot application, will really make your print POP.

• Tactile
While crisp, polished finishes are all well and good, you can create differentiation with paper stocks that are more tactile. Think hand-crafted finishes, velvet and textured varnish effects, and, of course, embossing – this is a tried and tested technique that never fails to impress.

• Luxury
Our ultra-thick luxury business cards take print into another dimension. Beautiful to look at and a delight to hold, these cards immediately convey all the quality and prestige your business represents. And they’re much more affordable than you might think.

• Synthetic
Today, your paper choices go beyond paper! 100% recyclable, waterproof and perfect for every kind of marketing print application, synthetic papers offer high quality, durable options that hold ink with razor sharp precision. It’s an excellent choice for labelling and packaging.

Make friends with your printer
Perhaps the single most important thing you can do when up against looming deadlines, demanding clients and a complex campaign, is to get your printer onside. If they’re anything like us, they’ll go all out to deliver, guiding your choices and helping you to deliver on time and on the money.

It’s not entirely selfless: we know that if we can deliver for you time after time, and help you to exceed your clients’ expectations along the way, you’ll become a valued client.

And we can all do with those.
Talk to us about what’s possible in your budget and to your deadline. We can advise on other options too, giving you ideas and inspiration about how you can really produce print that your clients will love.

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