How working with close clients ensures successful sticker design

Creative sticker campaigns and perfect product labellingSticker Printing

These days sticker printing is used for everything from promotional campaigns, product labelling and branding packaging to updating existing print. Advancements in print technology have greatly improved what can be achieved in sticker printing and that means as designer or print reseller you have more options when supplying stickers for clients. Of course, the creative process begins with good communication between designer and client. It’s not always easy to find out exactly what the customer wants but there are a few things you can do to ensure you can use your creativity to its best effect.

Tie down the target market
Before thinking about design, make sure your client has a clear target market in mind. Age, gender, profession and the lifestyle of your ideal target can be used to create a persona. You’ll find it much easier to design your sticker or label when you have this persona in mind rather than a rough demographic.

Stand out with great colour choices
Modern high definition digital printing techniques produce exceptional colour reproduction. Your images and graphics also reproduce with stunning clarity. That means you have a much greater creative choice when it comes to sticker design. With label design the colour of the product itself will help you choose label colours that will stand out from their surroundings, so make sure your client gives you all the information you need before you choose.

Check out the competition
Who are your client’s competitors and what are they doing? Finding out as much as you can about competitors’ advertising means that yours can stand out by being different. And there’s also nothing wrong with taking or improving the things competitors are doing well.

What’s the point?
What is your client’s goal for the sticker? Is its purpose to grow the brand? Drive traffic online? Is it to tease or tie in with other advertising? Sticker or label space is often limited so make sure the client clearly communicates their goals before you begin the creative process.

Thought of upselling?
Ask your client if they brand their packaging and envelopes. Creative sticker printing is a perfect way to grow the brand and build customer loyalty even before a package or envelope is opened. Many businesses give away free stickers with goods or services. Don’t be afraid to suggest ways to help your client’s business – they’ll appreciate it. offer our trade customers a full sticker and label printing service. All of our stickers are printed on our cutting edge Series 3 HP Indigo digital presses. These market leading machines produce exception print with superb colour and image reproduction. Our trade customers enjoy fast turnaround times along with excellent trade prices, exclusive offers and trade benefits. Register today to get 50% off your first order and free delivery by visiting

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