How to sell trade brochures to customers

Trade Brochures

Many business owners today concentrate on web and social media marketing. While it’s obviously wise to have a good online presence it’s a huge mistake to ignore printed marketing such as trade brochures. If clients seem reluctant to invest in printed trade brochures there are a few things they should know. We’ve listed some questions clients often ask along with some answers that might surprise them – and convince them to have you produce their newly designed and printed trade brochures.

I have a great website. Why do I need a trade brochure?

Trade brochures are not only highly effective promotional tools but they also work superbly alongside digital marketing. People search the web to find exactly what they need but they rarely fully engage with online content, instead scanning and moving on quickly. Print is a tactile medium. People are more likely to browse a brochure than online. Great results are produced from websites and social media pages that have a clearly visible option to order a printed brochure. Similarly, brochures are highly effective in driving traffic to websites and online stores. Successful businesses use a mix of print and online marketing to increase sales.

Do printed brochures still work?

Yes! Printed marketing is more popular than ever and many studies carried out in the last two years prove this:

• 44% of customers visited a company website only after seeing printed marketing
• 73% of consumers are more likely to read printed marketing than emails
• 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy is a mix of print and digital media
• 39% of consumers say they tried a new business because of printed marketing
• 67% of shoppers and 92% of young shoppers say they prefer printed marketing when making important buying decisions
• 44% of people retain brochures and leaflets to read again

Are trade brochures expensive?

Trade brochures can be produced to suit any budget. Different binding options, paper types and sizes mean a trade brochure can be anything from eight to 700 pages. Modern digital printing techniques have greatly reduced print costs and there is no minimum quantity so clients only need to print exactly what they need.

Helping you sell trade brochures with the best range online

When you’re selling brochures to clients it helps to be able to offer as many options as possible. At we can help with a superb range of papers, binding options and sizes. We’re sure we can meet your needs whatever your client demands. Our website was designed specifically for trade customers and you can get an instant quote by simply clicking through the easy to follow options and selecting your choices.

To find out more and see the exceptional range of trade brochures and other products we offer to our trade customers, visit or contact our expert trade print team today.


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