Do you sell print by using print? If not – why not?

Direct Mail Marketing

Do you deal in print? Do you sell print? Do you manage print? What about promoting your own service? Actually, print resellers often don’t use print to sell their own services, relying instead on cold calling, email or social media. If it’s strange that print resellers don’t market themselves using the very product they champion to other businesses, it’s stranger still given that print is consistently shown to be one of the best performing sorts of advertising.
Why print works

Print is a tactile media. People can touch it and see it up close, that’s why it out performs many online campaigns. Research by shows that last year direct mail alone enjoyed a response rate of 5.1%. That compares to email at 0.6%, paid web search at 0.6% and social media campaigns at 0.4%.
Many print resellers and print suppliers simply don’t think of using their own products to sell their business. That means your printed marketing will get attention and your brand remembered while competitors’ messages get lost amongst the large volumes of emails and calls received by potential customers.

Get creative to get noticed

If you’re sending direct mail, include something like a free gift to make the envelope bulky or if you can’t including a gift, think of another way to make the envelope lumpy. Envelopes have a good chance of being opened but they’re even more likely to be opened if they appear to contain something other than just a piece of paper.
If you’re sending leaflets or flyers and not using envelopes you can still improve your chances of having them read by using other branded media to say something such as “look out for a great special offer in the post”.

Give out samples

Give out samples of great quality print. Your print supplier will be happy to supply paper sample and swatch sample books – both great sales tools that allow potential customers to see and feel the quality of your products. Your own printed marketing should double as a sample too. Putting a little thought into your own promotional material will ensure that it serves as a valuable marketing tool and potential customers will want to see that you have real conviction in what you’re selling. What better way to show you believe in your product than to use it yourself?

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