Roll Up Stands – Ready for the big occasion!

At we supply a great range of large format printing and display stands to our trade customers at great, trade only prices. Our roll up stands are extremely popular and recently our new Bronze roll-up stand has joined our existing Silver, Gold and Platinum versions

Roll Up Stand


Customers use our stands in many different locations and trade customers who resell print tell us that our roller banner stands are a great addition to the service they provide. You’ll see our roll up banner stands in locations all over Ireland, including:

Trade shows and events

Trade shows and events are perfect for roll up banner stands. Exhibitors, advertisers and hosts know they can get their message across loud and clear!

Hotel receptions and foyers

Hotels are ideal locations for roll up banners, especially when hosting a conference. Delegates, visitors and business people will see roll-up stands as they enter and leave the building.

Business premises

Many businesses use roll-up stands on their own premises to advertise products, services or associated businesses.

Restaurants and bars

You’ll often see roll-up banner stands in bars, clubs and restaurants, especially in foyers or entrances. They’re an effective way to advertise offers, events and promotions and get the message direct to the target market at a very low cost.

There are roll up stands to suit any budget and every type of use:

Our new Bronze roll-up stand is our entry-level stand. It’s perfect for single events or for short-term use. The main difference between this and our Silver stand is the weight, the Bronze being made from slightly lighter aluminium. One thing that doesn’t change is the quality of the printed graphic. We use only top-of-the-range large format presses to give the exceptional print quality all our trade customers expect. Prices for the Bronze roll-up stand begin at less than £22.50 for each stand in online orders of 10 or more. Effective promotion at a stunningly low price!

Our Bronze stands joins our already popular roll-up range which includes our Silver roll up stand, another great stand to suit any budget. Trade customers often choose the Silver stand if they want a roll-up to stay on location for longer periods.

The Gold roll up banner stand is our best seller. Sturdy and reliable, the Gold stand comes in three different widths; 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. We also supply a Gold Twin roll-up that is identical to the 800mm Gold stand but has the graphic printed on both sides for even better visibility!

It you’re looking for the very best stand available, choose our Platinum roll up stand. Extremely solid and long lasting, the Platinum stand doesn’t have swing-out feet, so as well as being perfect for repeated use over the years, it takes up less space than other roll-ups.

Whatever your needs, has the perfect roll-up banner stand for you and your customers. All our stands come with the printed graphic and a padded carry bag included in the price. Register online now to get 50% off your first order and free delivery! To see prices, upload artwork and order, simply visit or contact our trade print team today.

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