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The three most common questions about roll up banner stands

Roll Up Banner Stand

Roll up banner stands are always popular because of their effectiveness and versatility. We see them in shops, at trade shows, events, hotel receptions, conferences and in many business premises. Many businesses want roll up banner stands but aren’t really sure how to use them. If you’re a designer you’ll know that a roll up banner stand can be extremely effective and striking in the right location and with the right visual content. You’ve also probably faced questions from clients about the roll up banner stand you’re designing.

There are three questions most clients ask about roll up banner stands before they buy so we’ve listed them – and the answers – below.

Aren’t they all more or less the same?

No. There are many different types of roll up banner stand from entry level stands that are great for one-off events or where a stand will stay on one location, right up to very strong and sturdy stands that can be used again and again for years. Top of the range roll up stands don’t have protruding feet so they take up less floor space. Some roll up banner stands can have graphics printed on both sides and while most stands are of roughly similar height, different widths are available.

Are all roll up banner stands portable?

Yes. That’s another great strength of a roll up banner stand. All come with padded carry bag and are easy to assemble and take down. Even the wider and sturdier stands only weigh in at around 6kg and that includes the printed graphic. Whatever size or roll up banner stand you choose, you can take it absolutely anywhere.

Are they expensive?

The wide variety of roll up banner stands available means that thee are prices to suit any budget. Entry level stands start at under £25.00 per stand and even the very best and biggest stands won’t break the bank. When choosing a roll up banner stand most people consider how often they want to use the stand and where it will be located. The better stands can easily withstand repeated, multiple uses over many years and are excellent value for money when you need something long lasting you can use again and again. supply an extensive range of roll up banner stands to our trade customers. Every option from the entry level bronze stand to our top of the range platinum stand features the same high quality printed graphic (we never compromise on print quality), differing only in the weight and construction of the frames. For information and prices on our roll up banner stands or to see our full range of large format and printed marketing products, simply visit







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