Is it time for a new printed portfolio?


Impress your clients and win new customers with a fresh new portfolio

When it comes to getting information we all rely heavily on websites, email and social media. In the world of marketing and design we often send and approve artwork online in pdf format. However, if you’re a designer you probably also have a printed portfolio. A printed portfolio is much more powerful when it comes to demonstrating your work. Clients or potential customers can browse at their leisure and see your designs close up rather than on a small mobile device.

So if someone calls today and asks to see your portfolio, would you be 100% happy to send what you already have?

How you know you need a new printed portfolio
When you’re busy with paid work your own marketing often goes on the back burner – we all do it. If you’re a designer that can mean potential new customers are not seeing your most current or best work. If your current portfolio doesn’t include what you consider to be your best work, it’s time for a new printed portfolio. So what sort of work should you include?

Be selective
Don’t try to put in everything you’ve ever done. Be mercenary with your selections. If you’re not completely proud of a piece, leave it out. People have short attention spans and they won’t be impressed with quantity so only include the very best of the best.

Stay current
As a rule, don’t include anything over three years old. Design trends change and what may have been your best work five years ago could look dated now to someone else.

Show your work in situ where possible
Showing your work as it appeared is much more powerful than placing a pdf on a page. If the outdoor poster you designed is no longer on display, take a photo of the site and place your poster in the pic. There are also websites like Graphicburger that allow you to mock up images of your work in various locations.

Show variety
Include a range of work that shows you’re as comfortable and accomplished using illustrations and typography as you are using images or graphics. Pick a variety of styles, different clients and types of design to show the full range of your creativity.

Include the unique
Don’t be afraid to show something that’s different; in fact be proud to show work that’s really original, unique and goes against common trends. You’re a creative after all!

We’ll help you with perfect print supply a professional, premium, trade printing service. We print client portfolios and brochures in a range of sizes and on a wide selection of paper types including those from our beautiful luxury paper range. We offer three types of binding for your printed portfolio and a number of finishes including matt or gloss lamination for your cover.
To find out more or get a quote for your new printed portfolio, visit today.

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