What is print marketing? – Your 2019 guide to big-selling marketing products

corinne-kutz-211251-unsplashThese days most businesses use online marketing. If you’re a print reseller you probably do so yourself but you’ll know that offline marketing products are more effective than ever when it comes to provoking a response and getting those all important sales. Last year was a great year for print and 2019 looks to continue the trend. But what products can you show potential customers to convince them to buy print as well as gather online likes?

What are the best marketing materials?

At TradeDigitalPrint.ie we supply a huge range of print and offline marketing materials to our trade customers. That means as a print reseller you can offer a comprehensive and extensive range of marketing products to your clients. Of course, the type of campaign, budget and purpose will often dictate which products are best but many have consistently proved effective.

Brochures and catalogues come in a range of sizes and types. If your client is wondering how to promote products offline a brochure could be the perfect suggestion. You can offer up to 700 printed pages and printed brochures are much easier to browse than page after page online.

Business cards remain the most important marketing materials around. First impressions last and often the business card will be the first piece of marketing a potential customer sees. A well-designed and professionally printed card is essential for any business even in today’s digital world.

Direct mail such as leaflets, flyers and postcards continues to enjoy substantially better response rates than email and other online marketing. It’s also more likely to be kept for future reference than emails which are often dumped immediately.

What are examples of good promotional materials?

Large format marketing materials are hard to miss and that makes them great promotional materials as well as being highly cost-effective. Roll up banner stands, vinyl PVC banners, window graphics and 48 or 96 sheet posters are easier than ever to produce and that brings them within the budget of small businesses and start-ups.

Deliver great marketing to your clients with TradeDigitalPrint.ie

TradeDigitalPrint.ie is a professional online printing service launched specifically for trade customers in Ireland. We’re extremely proud of our reputation as trustworthy printers who deliver exceptional quality with every job. See our full range of marketing materials on our multi-award-winning website where you can get instant quotes, upload artwork and order at the click of a button. To register with Ireland’s leading online trade printer and benefit from exclusive trade prices as well as regular special offers simply visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk today.

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