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brochureFive ways to show your clients the benefits of brochures.
There are few more important pieces of marketing than the company brochure. Not only does a professionally designed and printed brochure give a great impression of a business, but it can strengthen the brand as well as showcase products and services. In today’s digital world, some people might be forgiven for thinking that online campaigns can take the place of traditional advertising. However, figures show that businesses who think this way are missing out on sales.

If you’re a designer or print reseller with clients who don’t understand the marketing power of print, have a look at our five ways to show your customers the benefits of printed brochures.

Brochures work – It’s official.
Studies continue to show that most people are more likely to engage with information in a printed brochure than with on-screen information. And young people aged 18-24 are the second most responsive group to printed marketing. Half of small business owners rely on printed brochures and booklets. At brochures are consistently among our most popular products irrespective of marketing trends of the moment.

You can add the personal touch
Brochures can be personalised for the recipient. With our digital printing process there’s no minimum run, so you can tailor different brochures to different types of clients. As with any marketing, better targeting and good market research results in dramatically increased sales.

Brochures are your flexible marketing friends
A company brochure can go anywhere. They can be displayed in business premises, shops, trade shows, at events and even in bars. They can be posted out or hand delivered. That’s a lot of ways to get a business message out there.

Brochures work well with other media
Rather than use print or digital exclusively, the best campaigns see printed material working alongside online and social media campaigns. Printed brochures help drive traffic to websites and online pages often encourage customers to order a printed brochure to see the full range of products or services.

Brochures open doors and build relationships
When someone hands over a brochure, they’re handing over a full business message. Offering a potential customer a brochure can’t be seen as pushy. Most people will gladly accept a brochure even if they’re busy and will browse over it later or another day. Your customers can also include postcards or even stickers with special offers or deals – a great chance for you to upsell. Brochures also give your clients the opportunity to make a follow-up call to arrange a meeting or ask if the recipient has seen anything of interest.

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