Perfect Print. Perfect Bound. From your Perfect Print Partner.

If you’re looking for something more substantial that oozes quality, Perfect bound is your perfect print option.
This soft-cover binding method is popular because the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with strong yet flexible thermal glue. The remaining 3 sides are then trimmed to give them clean and ‘perfect’ edging. You’ll find perfect bound books on the shelves in most book stores, with square spines that can be printed on and a heavy paper or cardstock that is clear coated in increase durability.Perfect Bound Book Printing

As well as for authors, perfect bound is a perfect choice for businesses who want their reports, manuals, catalogues or brochures to appear as professional and high quality as possible while still being affordable.

Perfect binding isn’t for every job however. It’s more suitable for heavyweight documents of anywhere from 40 to 700 pages.
And while it’s not suitable for documents with low page counts, it is cost-effective even on small print runs. We only use PUR glue in our perfect binding process. It’s extremely tolerant to all temperatures as well as being flexible and very strong, so your book will always keep its pages in place and open flat without cracking the spine.

The advantages of perfect binding are:

– High quality look and appeal
– Printable spine
– More durable
– More creative – you can creatively interleaf pages, use a variety of paper weights, colours and finishes throughout your publication.

Our customers most commonly use perfect binding for catalogues, directories and paperback books that have a higher page count. We offer our trade customers a wide range of premium and luxury papers in a variety of weights, sizes and finishes – and we can advise on the best choice for you.

So whether you’re printing this year’s annual report or next year’s trade show brochure, and perfect binding could be your perfect partners.


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