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Asking the right questions is the modern way to sell print to marketers

Sell Print To MarketersMarketing like the print industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Businesses can measure results in real time using tracking systems and analytics. That means marketers are accountable and must demonstrate a good return on investment on all products across digital and traditional print mediums. As a print reseller, you need to help marketers find the products that will fit their marketing mix and increase revenue for their clients. That means you need to be creative in how you sell print.

Add value by asking the right questions

Offering a great print service to today’s marketers doesn’t just mean finding the size of their print budget and helping them spend it. Businesses today have a greater understanding of marketing and of print. There is no “one size fits all” approach to selling marketing to business – or print to marketers. Print resellers need to find out exactly what their customers need and you can do this by asking the right questions.

It’s all about revenue

Revenue is the bottom line for businesses when deciding on their marketing mix. What will be the return on their investment? To help you sell print to marketers you need to know their goals and objectives. Their answers are likely to follow modern patterns:

– Sign-ups
– Good leads
– New customers/sales
– Repeat business

Ensure your print service can provide solutions to modern marketing challenges

1. Does your print supplier use the best current technology to track returns and sales?

2. Can you provide print solutions that work effectively alongside online marketing?

3. Are the turnaround, print quality and customer service of an exceptionally high quality that will add value to any marketing campaign?

4. Is the product range sufficient to provide effective solutions to the challenges faced by any campaign?

Any printer in today’s competitive marketing world must guarantee market-leading print quality and service. If you can provide solutions to the challenges listed above you’ll be a trusted and indispensible asset to marketers.

At we’re determined to build on the phenomenal success we’ve shared with our customers since launching in 2016. Our print quality, highly trained staff, website, technology and professional service were again recognised by the print industry with multiple awards in 2017. That helps our trade customers assure their clients they can offer the best printing online service in Ireland, with exceptional guaranteed print quality and customer service across an extensive range of print. To find out more about how we can help you sell print to marketers to increase revenue, visit today.

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