Q: Do your clients need more business cards?

A: Yes they do – always.

Whatever business you’re in you should always carry your business cards. As print resellers and designers business cards are a great add-on to other print sales as well as being constantly required in their own right. Your client may think they have enough business cards – these incredibly important marketing tools are often taken for granted – but asking your client a few simple questions could open their eyes and open new sales doors for you.

trade business cards

Recruited new staff?

Considering everything that goes along with hiring new staff, many businesses or business owners overlook new business cards. As a print supplier, you can easily show your client their business card template with the new employee’s details. It’s little effort for them to give the go-ahead and minimal work for you, but it’s an extra sale as well as adding value to the service you supply.

Have you thought about buying in bulk?

Buying business cards in bulk not only means the unit price per card decreases but it means your client will never run out at a critical point, such as a business event. It’s vital that anyone representing their company at a conference, trade or networking event has enough business cards. There’s nothing worse than ending a promising conversation only to realise you don’t have a business card. Giving a business card is a great lead in itself as you can follow up with a call in the next few days. Referencing the card is much more effective than trying to remind someone of your conversation given that they probably spoke to a great number of people at the event.

Though about going luxurious?

A great way to upsell to customers is to convince them to try a different sort of business card. Business cards on luxury paper really stand out. Similarly, double, triple or quadruple thick cards simply ooze quality and will get remembered for all the right reasons. Check your printer’s range of business cards. Offering luxury business cards can really add to your reputation while convincing your customers you supply a unique and professional printing service.

TradeDigitalPrint.ie supply an extensive range of business cards. Trade customers can choose from standard premium cards in a number of weights and finishes, business cards on recycled paper, folded business cards or luxury cards. You can see all the choices on our website. Just click to get an instant quote, upload artwork and order online. Your clients will be delighted with the choice you can offer in business cards and other printed marketing products, while you can rest assured we’ll supply the best quality digital print you’ll find. We’re delighted to have won four print industry awards in 2017 and that means that you and your customers know the print service you supply is recognised across Ireland and the UK as the best in its field. For more information or to order your business cards visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.ie today.

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