Really impress with luxury business cards

Five reasons you should invest in luxury business cards

Luxury Business Cards
There are a great many businesses competing for our attention and our custom. If you’ve ever been to a conference, trade show, corporate or business event you’ll probably come home with more business cards than you remember taking. With so many cards being given out every day by so may people, how can you make sure your own business card will get kept and remembered?

At we offer a range of luxury business cards that really need to be seen – and felt – to be believed. They’re guaranteed to get you remembered for all the right reasons and our trade customers can get them at great trade prices. Below are five good reasons why it’s definitely worth investing in luxury business cards

1) A quality card suggests a quality service
If someone hands you a thin, cheap business card, you’ll probably assume their business is cheap too. While our lightest standard business card has a weight of 350gsm, our lightest luxury business card starts at 540 gsm and the heaviest is a whopping 1190 gsm quadruple thick business card – the thickest you’ll find online

2) First impressions last
In business, you really don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure that the first impression is the best it can be with the highest quality business card around. As well as the extra thickness, our luxury business cards are printed on a premium board with a choice of matt or gloss lamination. And of course, as with all of our products, your luxury cards will be printed on our top of the range HP Indigo presses that produce rich, vibrant colours and stunning, sharp images. Perfect print for a perfect first impression!

3) Your cards – and your business – will really stand out
You can be sure that the person receiving your card will have received much more before yours, so rather than have yours join the pile, make sure it stands out. For our triple and quadruple thick business cards, you can even choose a coloured core insert that will be visible on the edge of your finished card. Add that to the weight and quality of your business card and you can be sure that yours will really stand out from the rest.

4) You’ll be remembered
If someone handed you a beautifully printed card two, three or four times as thick as nearly every other card you’ve ever been given, would you remember it? Of course, you would. And you’d remember them and their business too. That’s the power of a truly original luxury business card from

5) You’ll be talked about
People usually keep the business cards they receive. If the card is different or interesting, they’ll not only keep it, they might mention it to others or even show them. That means your luxury business card might be seen again and again and your business talked about long after you’ve given out your business card. Great free advertising for your business.

Our trade customers have a lot to smile about. Register with and you’ll get 50% off your first order as well as free delivery! You’ll enjoy superb prices, great deals, special offers and an excellent reward scheme right away. To request a book of luxury business card samples, get an instant quote and order your card, or to see the full range of products we supply, visit or contact our expert trade print team today!

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