Marketing with saddle stitched booklets

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Getting longevity from your printed booklets

We may live in the digital age but printed booklets are still at the forefront of many marketing strategies. That’s because we still prefer to browse and engage with physical print rather than read similar information online. At we supply printed documents for our trade customers throughout Ireland. Saddle stitched booklets remain extremely popular for publications of between eight and 68 pages. They’re cost effective, professional, stylish and when it comes to marketing, they really work.

Marketing with saddle stitched booklets

The very nature of how we use booklets means that they are constantly being opened, folded, carried and passed from person to person. Obviously this takes its toll on any booklet but it certainly doesn’t have to shorten your document’s life. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your saddle stitched booklet will serve you well for a very long time.

Think about your paper choice

At we offer and extensive range of high-quality paper in a variety of weights, types and finishes. Obviously the thicker your paper, the more resistant it is to tearing. Gloss, silk and premium uncoated papers come in weights up to 350gsm. With gloss paper the colours look sharper and the need for lamination is reduced. Silk paper has a soft sheen with clear and distinct colour reproduction. Premium uncoated paper is more absorbent so the colours appear flatter than on gloss and silk. We recommend 150gsm for the inner pages of your booklet and at least 250gsm for the cover.

Whichever paper you choose, with you can be sure that your print will look perfect. We use only HP Indigo digital presses that produce the best digital print you’ll find anywhere in Ireland. We’re proud to be known for truly excellent print and our trade customers know that we will never compromise on that quality.

Use thicker paper for your cover

Our most popular type of saddle stitched booklet uses 150gsm paper for the inner pages and 300gsm for the cover. Most customers prefer using heavier paper for their cover and we recommend this for strength and longer life.

Laminate your cover

We recommend that our customers laminate the cover of their saddle stitched books. We offer two types of lamination. Matt lamination gives a soft, contemporary sheen while gloss lamination adds a high-quality shine to your design. Lamination not only strengthens your cover and adds durability but it also enhances your colours and graphics. If your cover is 250gsm or over, choose lamination and get even more from your saddle-stitched booklet.

At we supply saddle stitched, wiro bound and perfect bound books to trade customers from all sorts of businesses and for many different purposes. Register as a trade customer and you’ll get 50% off your first order and free delivery. You can get instant quotes, upload artwork, order your print and arrange delivery online. You’ll also receive immediate trade benefits and rewards as well as exclusive trade deals. Our print quality, service and delivery times are all guaranteed so you can have peace of mind and get on with your business safe in the knowledge that your print is in the hands of a trusted, professional trade print partner. To find out more and to see the full range of options available for booklet printing, visit today!

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