How to increase your profit with trade print

Maximise your profit from print
It’s profit, not turnover that makes money for your business. Rather than chase more and more volume, successful companies think carefully about whether any prospective business is profitable. If you have a high turnover but disappointing profit levels it’s time to look at – and maybe change -your sales and business practices.thought
Use an efficient print partner
If you spend much of your time overseeing print jobs that have been outsourced, you’re using the wrong printer. At our customers know that once they’ve sent their artwork, we take care of every aspect of their job. We know that you have your own business to run and that’s why we’ll take on the responsibility of running your print. We strive to exceed our trade customers’ expectations – not just meet them. That goes for the quality of the print we produce, our customer service, our turnaround times and our delivery. We’ll manage your print and deliver it how, when and where you need it. Our customers trust to be their partners in print because we’re proven in delivering the highest quality of our print and service – and that’s guaranteed.

Work on product price – not mark-up
A number of companies apply a standard mark-up percentage to products. This may seem like a simple solution to the question of mark-up but it’s far from the best. Some product sales may take up more of your time than others, so the mark-up percentage that gives a good profit on one product may not work out well on another. Remember too that some products can be resold at a better margin than others, so you should apply a mark-up that’s appropriate to each product rather than apply a blanket rate to all.

Don’t be afraid to upsell
When a new or existing customer makes a purchase, don’t be afraid to engage in a conversation regarding the sale. Why are they buying? Do they buy this sort of product often? If they trust you enough to buy then there’s no harm in discussing other products or services they might need. Make sure you can answer any questions they have about price or availability. If you appear knowledgeable your customer is much more likely to trust you and you’ll be well placed to make further sales. Our instant online quote system makes it easy for you to answer customer questions immediately. Just go online as you make the call.

At our customers know they can trust us to manage their print needs from order to delivery. We supply a full range of printed marketing from business cards, leaflets and brochures to a great number of large format products. Register online for a trade account and we’ll give you 50% off your first order as well as free delivery. Get instant quotes, order, upload artwork and arrange delivery online. To find out more about the many benefits our trade customers enjoy including discounts and instant rewards, visit or contact our expert trade print team today!

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