Build your print selling business! How to sell more print in 2018

How to sell printThe print selling market in Ireland is hugely competitive and as we enter another new year potential customers will be bombarded by printers, print brokers and print resellers all trying to get business. Cold calling is often met with replies like “I already have a printer” or “We’re not looking for anything just now”. Printers and resellers will come back with all sorts of details about their print capabilities. However, all any potential customer really wants to know is:

• Can you make my life easier?
• Can you save me money?
• Can you make me money?
• Can I trust you to deliver?

Making your client’s life easier means taking away their print problem
You client or potential customer needs print but they’ve got their own business to run. By showing you supply a professional service they can rely on, you’re taking one problem off their hands. Rather than list products and services, assure potential clients that their print is safe in your hands so they can get on with their business while you get on with their print.

Offer the best value for money print
People often mistake cheap print for value for money print. Cheap print sounds great, but what does it really mean? The initial cost of some print might seem low but is it worth the money? Good value for money print is an investment over the duration of the campaign. If print looks cheap or is on poor quality paper it will reflect poorly on the business or product being advertised. Value for money print will always save money in the long run.

Quality print and service makes money
Premium print and great customer service will increase your client’s sales – and increased sales are what every business wants. As well as offering great print you can add value to your service by advising on the best products for a campaign or sales drive. A client is often too busy with their own business to concentrate on marketing or how best to promote products or services. Don’t think of yourself as simply supplying to demand. Add value by suggesting products and methods your client may not have considered.

Guarantee your service
Your client needs to know they can trust you to deliver exactly what you promised on time and to the standard they expect. If you can offer guarantees you’ll quickly build trust so make sure your chosen trade printer can guarantee every aspect of their service to you, from the quality of their print to their turnaround times.

At we’re proud of our reputation as Ireland’s most reliable supplier of professional, high-quality print. We’re always keen to receive feedback and we’re delighted that so many of our customers post on our website and independent review sites to share their experience of working with us. We know our reputation depends on every job we print for our trade customers and we take that responsibility very seriously. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you sell more print in 2018 visit or contact our expert trade print team today.


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