Get creative with print reselling

Resell PrintCreative ideas for print reselling.

If you resell print but see yourself as just another supplier to your customers, then you’re selling yourself short. Customers should see you as a creative partner. That will change your relationship for the better and make your sales conversations much easier. And that in turn will lead to better sales. So how do you get creative when reselling print?

Showcase premium products
High end and slightly unusual products will help you to stand out from other printers and print brokers, many of whom concentrate on standard products like flyers or leaflets. Of course at we supply these at great prices for trade customers. However, we also supply print on a range of luxury papers, extra thick luxury business cards, and an extensive range of premium large format print products like 48 or 96 sheet posters.

Products like these will have customers and prospective customers calling you and that completely changes the dynamic of your selling conversation – to your advantage.

Showcase excellent print quality and service
With so many printers out there, print quality and customer service becomes a real issue. At we use top of the range large format and HP Indigo Digital presses to give the very best quality digital print on the market. That means that your premium products will look stunning with rich colours and sharp, clear images. And our trade customers know that they can trust us to manage their print from the moment they order. That means that you can get on with your business, safe in the knowledge that your printed job will be delivered on time and exactly as you want it.

Advantages of offering premium products and service
When you sell premium or more bespoke products, you’re not competing with as many printers or brokers as you are when selling standard products. That means you can add a better mark-up. And because your products are less common, customers will expect to pay a little more. You’re offering a creative package with your design skills and the product itself. That creates a “want” factor which again, allows you to charge more.

Premium products and service – the key to more sales
Supplying special and premium products will lead to prospective customers calling you to find out more. Even if they don’t buy the product that initially grabbed their attention, you’re now in a sales conversation where you can offer other products they might need. Showcasing premium products is a great doorway to showcasing your entire range.

At we supply a huge range of printed products. Have a look at our website and register now to enjoy great trade offers and special deals right away, starting with 50% off your first order. Once you’ve registered you can get instant quotes, upload artwork, order your job and arrange delivery online. For more on our products or to order your print, simply visit or contact our expert trade print team today!


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