How best to utilise folded leaflets to advertise your design skills

Showcase your creativity with folded leaflet printing 

Folded LeafletsAs a designer, you’ll know just how much competition there is for design and marketing services. It’s not often easy to convince clients how much their sales could increase from using a professional designer. Many designers use custom printed leaflets to promote their services but also realise that every job they do for any client is an opportunity to showcase their creativity and advertise their design skills. Of course, there’s plenty of competition when it comes to printed marketing. Fortunately, there’s also plenty of research that that helps us determine what works when it comes to design that both looks great and does its job. Based on that research we’ve published a few pointers to help you:

1. The two-second rule
Two seconds. That’s how long a leaflet or marketing item has to make a positive first impression. That means your printed leaflet can fail in those first two seconds. Fortunately, it can also succeed where competitors fail, giving your leaflet and its message a serious advantage. That’s why the front cover of any folded leaflet is by far its most important element. Great image; attention-grabbing headline; striking graphics – one or all of these will appear on the cover of a successful leaflet.

2. Match your professional design with professional, high-quality print
Even the best design will fail to make a good impression if printed poorly on cheap or low-grade paper. Research shows that customers will often dispose of a cheap looking leaflet without reading it, assuming that the product or company it represents is equally cheap. Make sure you only work with a printer who offers a range of quality papers, weights, and finishes. Good printers will happily send sample books. Ask to see examples of previous print so you can be sure that your creativity is not compromised by cheap looking print. Quality leaflet printing is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself many times over.

3. Stretch your design skills
High-quality print allows you to stretch images and large text across the folds. The print won’t suffer damage through folding and opening, so you can design the inside of your folded leaflet to work when flat. That gives you more scope to make an impact with large, seductive images and more choice in your typography.

4. Simple = successful
Successful leaflets will typically have a simple, direct message. However, it’s not often easy to convince clients that a folded leaflet isn’t the place to list and explain all their products or tell the story of their business. Having to include too much information will choke your creativity and limit what you can do with your design. Show examples of great design and successful campaigns to help clients understand that the great strength of a folded leaflet is in growing brand awareness and standing out with a clear, simple message. They can always include online addresses or contact details where potential customers can get more information. offers our customers a full trade printing service including folded leaflet printing and a full range of other printed marketing products, all printed using our market leading HP Indigo Digital presses. Trade customers enjoy exclusive deals, special offers, trade only prices, benefits and rewards. It’s easy to register and when you do you’ll get 50% off and free delivery your on first order. We’re fiercely proud of our reputation for excellent quality, reliability, and exceptional, trustworthy service. To register as a trade customer or to see our full product range, get instant quotes or to become a trade customer, simply visit

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