Five things designers won’t admit to!

To some, graphic design is like a dark art. Clients often don’t really know what happens between the brief and the finished job. Designers, like most creative people, don’t work to a rigid system with regular hours. As a result, they can be harder to pin down and it’s hard to define exactly how they come up with the ideas that bring your marketing to life.

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At many of our customers are designers or are involved in the advertising, design and print industries. We’re sure they won’t mind us telling a few light-hearted trade secrets.

If you’re a designer, how many of these are you guilty of? Maybe you can even add one or two of your own!

1. Procrastination

To be fair, all good design requires thought and the patience to explore any number of different ideas. Good designers never settle for their first idea, but look at other solutions. Sometimes it helps to leave a job and return fresh. It might take a little more time, but designers know it’s worth it to get the perfect result.

2. Over promising

This isn’t limited to designers. However, often designers are so keen to get started on your job that they’ll give you a time or date only to realise mid-job that they haven’t given themselves enough time. The design process doesn’t always run smoothly and any good designer will always ask for more time rather than deliver a job they’re not 100% happy with.

3. Following fashion

We’d all like to think we’re pioneers. But with design, the truth is that clients sometimes want marketing that isn’t too “out there”, while wanting something professional and creative. Most designers don’t have the luxury of being given weeks to come up with ground breaking new concepts, but that doesn’t mean their work isn’t modern and fresh.

4. Buy products for the packaging

No one likes to admit to being impressed by “whistles and bells” packaging. However, designers are more likely than most to buy products because of modern or cool packaging, rather than the product itself.

5. Getting annoyed by bad design

Some of us may not notice a shabby design or a cheap looking leaflet, but designers may actually become angry. In short, designers find it very, very hard to switch off. They’re always looking at the design all around us that most of us never really see. It just comes with the job.

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