Five print marketing materials to increase sales

design print marketing materials to increase salesIf you resell print your reputation for quality and reliability is extremely important. Your customers expect the very best in print quality, value for money and service. However, if you limit yourself to supplying print on request you’re selling yourself short. Do you help clients decide on new products to help them grow their businesses? Increased sales are what everyone wants and if you offer your client great advice as well as professional print you’ll both benefit. Here are five print marketing materials that can really grow your client’s brand and business:

1. Company brochures and catalogues

Your client might have a great website with an online store and product list but people still spend much more time looking through printed brochures and catalogues than they do browsing similar content online. That’s because potential customers can read a printed brochure at their leisure whenever they choose. Online we tend to quickly scan and move on if we don’t find what we’re looking for. The tactile nature of print makes it a much more effective medium.

2. Postcards, leaflets and fliers

Postcards, leaflets and fliers are great marketing materials because they can be delivered via direct mail, inserted into publications, newsletters and brochures, distributed by hand or displayed in any location. A postcard or flier with a great offer is likely to be used or kept for use later. The response rate for direct mail increased by 190% from 2016-2017, continued to rise in 2018 and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Postcards, leaflets and fliers are extremely effective and excellent value for money making them perfect promotional tools.

3. Roll up banner stands

You’ll see roll up banner stands everywhere from trade shows, to retail outlets to reception areas. Standing at 2m tall and at widths from 800mm to 1500mm roll up banner stands tell everyone you’re ready to do business. Light and portable, the stands are as easy to carry and as they are to erect. With a great range of models starting at under €30 per stand there’s sure to be one to suit your client.

4. Posters

Posters are one of the oldest forms of advertising and as popular today as at any time in their 200-year history. Why? Because they work! With sizes from A4 right up to 48 and 96 sheet billboards, posters can go on walls, windows and doors inside or out as well as on billboards, bus shelters or hoardings. The latest digital printing techniques mean that prices are lower than ever so you can offer your clients superb advertising opportunities with effective poster advertising to suit any budget.

5. Business cards

Still one of the most important pieces of marketing for anyone in business, the simple business card is the first impression many potential customers will have of your client’s brand. Clients might have existing business cards but all too often people just keep reprinting old cards out of habit. Suggest a refresh. You can show clients the many options available for business cards such as extra thick and luxury cards that will really enhance creativity. A cheap looking or poorly designed card will give a very bad impression of the business and that impression will stick. Make sure your client has well-designed, modern and professionally printed business cards as part of their marketing arsenal.

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We launched in 2016 with a mission to supply the best online professional printing service to trade customers across Ireland. When you work with you can offer your clients an extensive range of marketing and large format products. All of our products are clearly displayed on our award-winning website where you can get instant prices, upload your artwork, order your print and arrange delivery from any desktop, laptop or mobile device. We’d love to help you help your clients with great marketing materials so visit or contact our expert trade print team today.

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