How effective are posters in advertising?

Poster Advertising

The simple answer is very! Posters are extremely effective at getting your client’s message in front of vast numbers of potential customers and a poster advertising campaign can cost much less than other forms of marketing. That makes poster advertising very attractive, especially to small businesses – and to print resellers.

What is poster advertising?
Poster advertising covers everything from the A4 posters you might see on bulletin boards, bars and shop windows to the billboards we see all over Ireland. What might surprise you – and your clients – is that even 48 or 96 sheet posters are well within the budget for many small businesses. These days there are many forms of affordable poster advertising available including:

• Indoor posters
There’s a huge range of sizes for indoor posters from A4 size right up to 40”x 60”.

• Outdoor posters
Sizes range from A2 to 96 sheet, including adshels or bus shelter posters.

• Self adhesive vinyl posters
Self-adhesive vinyl posters come in an extensive range of sizes up to 40”x 60”.

• Backlit graphics
Backlit graphics are posters made of translucent film placed in a light box. They’re extremely effective indoors and outside, especially at night.

What to include on an advertisement poster
Good advertising posters have a short, attention-grabbing message. The public’s attention span for posters is typically three to five seconds so there’s no point in trying to be too subtle. A unique, striking image or colours that stand out from the background are effective. Use a snappy headline and all fonts should be clear and easy to read from a distance.

How much does poster advertising cost?
The great news for you and your clients is that poster advertising is cheaper than ever. A4 posters cost as little as 88c per poster and even a 48 sheet billboard poster can cost under €40 to print. Considering the number of people who pass by a well-placed poster, that’s a superb cost per thousand people reached compared to other forms of advertising.

Perfect posters – your size, your way
Indoor or outdoor, large or small and with options to suit any budget, posters by are the perfect way to get your message in front of large numbers of potential customers. Our website lets you choose from a vast range of posters from A4 right up to 96 sheet. For all the options, to get your quote and to see just how easy it is to get your poster advertising campaign up and running simply visit or contact our dedicated trade print team today.

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