How to deliver a creative print project.

Idea generation in design - Digital PrintingThere are reasons why some campaigns don’t work as well as they should. Not fully understanding the objectives. Not understanding the target market. Not knowing who that target market is.  As a designer, a print reseller or when producing promotional and marketing materials for your own business, you’ll want your printed advertising or marketing to be cost-effective and to produce sales.


If you’re to achieve this, there are a few things to consider before you even start sketching out your first concept.

Plan your campaign

  1. Objectives

You need clearly defined objectives. What is the problem you want your print to address? It could be poor sales in a certain area, among a certain age group or a particular type of potential customer. What are the key objectives of your campaign? What problems might you face in delivering your campaign and how will you solve them?

Ultimately, what results should you achieve?

  1. Target your campaign

Who is your target market? Marketing aimed at teenagers will look and feel vastly different to that aimed at business. At our trade customers represent every walk of life in Ireland. We’re used to supplying printed marketing aimed a vast and diverse range of customers and examples of really good design can be found on our website, so have a look and see some great print design that really works.

  1. Budget

Knowing your budget is vital in delivering effective print design. Know how much you can spend and stick to it, especially if you’re hiring designers or copywriters. You’ll need to know print costs before you approve any design. No client likes to approve a design only to find out later that it’s not possible within the agreed budget. At you can get an instant quote online, so you know right away how much your project will cost to deliver. That way neither you or your customer will have any nasty surprises.

  1. Schedule

Setting out and sticking to a clear schedule will really help you deliver your project efficiently. Split your schedule into sections like market research, concepts, content, design; whatever works for you. With each milestone you can re-evaluate your project to ensure you’re going in the right direction.

Finally – Never skimp on the print quality

There’s a huge amount of print out there and much of it will be in direct competition with you. Great design and content are vital, as is quality print. The best design in the world will be wasted if it’s poorly printed. At we use only top of the range HP Indigo presses to produce print of the highest quality. Your colours will be vibrant and your images sharp and clear. We offer an extensive range of premium papers, weights and finishes. We have a stunning range of luxury papers that you really have to see  – and feel – to believe. To ask for a sample pack, find out more information about how to become a trade customer or to get prices, upload artwork and order online, simply visit or contact our expert trade print team today!

Get an instant quote for luxury papers

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