Have a Creative Christmas!

Great marketing ideas for the Christmas season.
It’s Christmas time yet again and every company is competing for a slice of that extra business. Your customers will probably spend more during the festive season, but they’ll also be exposed to more advertising than they usually see, so it’s important to make sure that yours stands out from the seemingly endless crowd!

Christmas Greeting Card

At TradeDigitalPrint.ie we don’t just supply excellent print for our customers. We like to help them as much as possible and that’s why we’ve put together the following guide to help you get creative with your Christmas marketing.

Give Christmas gifts
It might sound obvious, but have you thought about giving free gifts to existing or potential customers? Your gift can be small and quirky, even a sticker (everyone loves stickers). Or maybe you can offer a free introductory gift with the first order of 2017. People love free gifts, however small. And you could see the results in extra sales sooner than you think.

Offer introductory incentives for new customers
You can offer special deals or money off products and services for new customers. It’s a great way to engage potential clients and start new business relationships.

Reward your existing customers
It’s vitally important to remember your existing customers and show them how important they are to you. Christmas is a great time to reward your customers (although TradeDigitalPrint.ie customers know that we reward them all year round). Offer special prices or deals to customers who’ve bought from you before. It’s a perfect way to strengthen relationships and build loyalty.

Make it a white Christmas
Have you thought about really standing out with white ink printing? White ink gives you great new options in design. You can print on coloured paper and still have bright white text and graphics.

And don’t forget the basics
Good design, good content and high-quality print are essential at Christmas and all year round. If you’re not a good writer, hire a copywriter. If design isn’t your strong point, bring in a designer. And if your print and paper are not of the highest quality, all your great content and design will count for nothing. At TradeDigitalPrint.ie our customers expect perfect print every time and that’s exactly what we supply.

Our customers at TradeDigitalPrint.ie enjoy exclusive trade prices, benefits and rewards all year round. It’s easy to register and as soon as you do, you’ll get 50% off your first order. For our full product range and to see the advantages of becoming a trade customer, visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.ie or contact our expert trade print team today. We’ll help you and your business have a bumper Christmas!

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