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Nowadays, the majority of us communicate via online channels such as email, social media and chatrooms. But did you know that business postcards remain an effective marketing tool? Your client’s customers are far more likely to engage with a tangible item, such a postcard, rather than an annoying pop-up ad on a computer screen. In this post, highlight the benefits of postcard printing, demonstrating how you can create amazing business postcards for your clients.

What is a postcard?

Traditional postcards are an offline method of communicating with others in different parts of the world. In business, however, they serve a slightly different purpose. After having ascertained the address of their customers, clients can send promotional business postcards highlighting any special offers or services that their business is currently providing. As mentioned, customers are far more likely to consume the content of a postcard in comparison to the likes of social media ads, thus enhancing their return on investment (ROI).

The benefits of business postcards

  • Affordability – Business postcards are cheaper to mail than traditional letters and do not require an envelope.
  • Segmentation – Customers can be segmented based on previous buying behaviour and be sent business postcards that are the most appropriate to them.
  • Engagement – As a tangible item, direct mail postcards elicit greater engagement from customers and increase their likelihood of response.
  • Loyalty & trust – After receiving personalised business postcards according to their tastes, customers feel more appreciated by your client’s business, promoting brand loyalty and trust.

How to make a postcard

  • Branding – Brand-centric design is crucial for business postcards. By displaying a prominent logo and marketing message, a consistent brand experience will be achieved, thus increasing lead generation.
  • Quality paper – To enhance your client’s brand reputation, quality paper is required. offer a wide range of papers, including luxury paper options that elevate business postcards to new heights.
  • Professional finishes – To make printed postcards more durable, add either matt or gloss lamination. This will also add to their overall professionalism.
  • Sizing – Depending on your client’s requirements, choose from A7, A6, DL, A5 or 148 x 148mm sizes for business postcards.
  • Sharp Imagery – High-resolution imagery is a must for business postcards. Any pixelation could affect customers’ opinion of your client’s business.
  • Calls to action – Ensure that your clients suggest a powerful call to action to be included on their business postcards that will initiate action from their customers.

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