Looking for high quality at a low cost? Try our cheap roll up stands!

Market your business on a small budget with cheap roll up stands

Roll Up Banner Stand

If you want to make a big impact at a low cost, check out roll up stands from TradeDigitalPrint.ie. You’ll see our roll up stands all over Ireland. They’re portable, light and extremely effective when you want to get your message out to large numbers of potential customers.

Trade customers use our low cost roll up stands to advertise their business, products or services and to grow their brand in all sorts of locations including:

  • Shops and retail premises
  • Business premises
  • Conferences, trade shows and events
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Reception areas and hotel foyers
  • Tourist attractions

Why are roll up stands so popular? Because they’re perfect for low cost, big impact advertising.

Cheap roll up stands – but market leading quality
When it comes to the cost, our roll up stands are cheap. But when it comes to quality they simply can’t be beaten. Our trade customers know that each and every one of our products is of exceptional quality. From our entry level Bronze roll up stand to our top of the range Platinum stand, our roll ups are all printed using superb, high definition large format presses that produce excellent image reproduction and rich, vibrant colours.

The full range at a glance
We offer four types of roll up stand and they differ only in the strength, weight and size of the frames. Each has the same, high quality printed graphic.

Our entry-level roll up stand comes in at just €22.50 if you order 10 or more in the same online order. An exceptional price for a quality product!

Our Silver roll up stand is slightly heavier than the Bronze, making it great for leaving erected for long periods.

Our Gold roll up which comes in three different widths and is sturdier again is ideal for repeated use. There’s even a double-sided version to give you twice the advertising!

The Platinum is our top of the range roll up. It’s extremely strong and at 2150mm is 150mm taller than other roll ups. It doesn’t have swing out feet so it takes up only a small area. Use the Platinum roll up stand again and again. It will never let you down.

Our Platinum roll up stand might be one of the best available in Ireland, but you’ll be delighted at the price. Full details of prices and specs are available on our website.

Every roll up stand comes with a free padded carrying case and printed graphic. Check our website to see the full range of roll up stands available. If you haven’t already registered as a trade customer, do so today to get 50% off your first order along with free delivery. You’ll immediately enjoy exclusive trade offers, special deals, customer rewards and benefits. Get a quote to order your job and arrange delivery online from your home, office or on the move. You’ll also see the full, extensive range of marketing products we supply to our trade customers so to find out more about cheap roll up stands or any of our products, simply visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.ie today.

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