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Booklets and booklet printing are more popular today than ever. We print a huge amount of booklets for all sorts of trade customers. We’re delighted to supply our many loyal and new customers with printed booklets along with our full range of marketing products. The world of print is constantly evolving and at we always stay at the cutting edge of technology. Our website makes it easy to order your printed booklets and to help our trade customers supply the perfect artwork in a constantly changing industry we’ve published a guide to preparing artwork for booklet printing.

Use CMYK colour mode
Check that your booklet artwork and any pics are in CMYK mode and not RGB. We can and will convert it for you here, but some colours may look slightly washed out compared to how they looked on your screen.

Embed your fonts
When you embed your fonts you know that they’ll print correctly without the need for the same fonts at the printing stage.

Add bleed where necessary
If your design has images or graphics running off the edge of the page, you need to add an extra 3mm bleed past the page trim. With booklet printing as with other printed marketing you must extend any artwork 3mm further than the trim if you want it to go right to the edge. This means you’ll avoid the possible appearance of a thin white line once the document is trimmed to size.

Keep text at least 5mm from the edge of the page
Make sure any text or important artwork elements are at least 5mm from the page edge. This is called the safe area. You should leave even more space at the inside edges of the page near the fold so that text can be read easily. Check our artwork guides online if you’re unsure about this or any other aspect of preparing artwork for booklet printing.

Make sure images are embedded at 300dpi
All your images must be 300dpi at the size they will print. Lower resolutions will look fine on screen but will appear pixelated or blurred when printed. Also make sure your images are embedded or they won’t print correctly.

Unsure? No problem. We’re here to help.
To help our trade customers, the website contains full artwork guides and FAQs in the Support section. You can also download artwork templates in different formats. Simply place your artwork on to the template, upload your artwork and place your order, so you can get on with your business while we get on with your print. If we do see an obvious problem with your artwork we’ll contact you straight away to help you put it right.

Our customers at know they can depend on us to be trustworthy, reliable partners in print. We’re passionate about print and our quality along with our service is completely guaranteed. If you haven’t already registered as a trade customer, join us today. As a new trade customer you’ll get 50% off your first order and free delivery. Our website allows you to get instant quotes, upload artwork, order your print and arrange delivery online. Trade customers enjoy exclusive trade prices, offers, trade benefits and rewards, To find out more or order your printed booklet, simply visit or contact our expert trade print team today.

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