How the Best Print Resellers Get Repeat Business

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Instead of focusing on reaching new customers 24/7, it’s important to pay attention to your existing customers. Developing a trusting relationship with previous customers and providing excellent customer service will help ensure they’ll come back for more. As a print reseller, it’s fair to assume you’ve got quite a lot of competition. So, what sets you apart from the rest? How are you going to ensure that potential prospects choose YOUR business over your competitors? One sure way to do this is by providing the best shopping experience possible. If you want repeat business, you need to make sure your customers are 100% satisfied with their experience with your business and here’s how you can do it:

Consistent OTIF delivery

OTIF stands for on time, in full. If you want happy customers, you need to make sure that they’ll receive their packages on time, every time. Of course, people understand that mistakes happen and they can be very forgiving if they see that you have put effort into resolving any problems as soon as they arise. As your printing partner, we understand the importance of your and your client’s deadlines. We print and despatch all orders within 24 hours* and if you choose express delivery, your customer will have their order the next day.

Effective Follow-Up

When you get a sale, it’s important to follow-up the sale to help provide an even better customer experience. Don’t forget to say thank you and if you sell your prints online, send them a thank you and order confirmation email. It’s also beneficial to ask if they’re happy with their purchase and if so, would they mind leaving a review? Reviews help to build your credibility as a company and will also help you to attract new customers. We also use a similar approach at using independent reviews to build trust in our brand.

Give Back

Customers appreciate companies that go above and beyond to ensure they have the best shopping experience possible. One way you can do this is by giving customers a small gift. It can be something as simple as a packet of sweets or a handwritten thank you note. Make it personal and they’re sure to come back for more.

Customer Support

It’s a good idea to establish a useful support system for your customers. If they have any queries, make it your top priority to respond as soon as possible. If you ignore questions regarding your services or products, you run the risk of losing that customer forever.

Return Discounts

When a customer makes a purchase, it may be worthwhile to offer them a return customer discount. This could be a percentage discount that they can use in your store for their next purchase. This will tempt them to make another purchase and you can be sure they’ll spread the word to their friends and other potential customers.


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