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If you’re a print reseller, print buyer, designer or marketer you’ll always be looking for ways to add value to your service. Print competition is fierce and clients want value for money as well as great quality print and service. Of course, some products will allow you a better markup than others while some, like adhesive labels, are often overlooked but they have a great many uses your clients probably haven’t considered. If you show your client a cost-effective way to grow their brand or increase their share of the market you can be sure they’ll thank you. That’s great for your relationship and for your business. Here are five creative ways to sell adhesive labels to your customers:

Packaging and wrapping
If your customer sends items or correspondence by post, adhesive labels on the packaging or envelope are a great way to advertise their brand before the parcel is even opened. A simple logo or QR code can not only advertise the business but also drive traffic online.

Tracking and inventory
Many companies use stickers for barcodes or tracking numbers. Retail outlets use machine-readable codes to show when and where an item is sold. Numbered labels on leaflets with offers, coupons or vouchers let businesses track the success of campaigns and show areas where the marketing works or can be improved.

Adhesive labels and stickers as free gifts
Kids love stickers. Adhesive labels showing sports graphics, music images or cartoons will find their way onto book covers, bags and even phones. Advertising a free sticker with an item will increase its appeal to certain target audiences and boost sales.

Add value to existing items
Adding adhesive labels to existing product packaging is a cost-effective way to show special offers and deals without reprinting packaging, and when the offer ends, simply stop adding the label to the packaging.

Guerilla marketing
Adhesive labels can be placed just about anywhere from windows to walls. In cities like Dublin, you’ll see stickers everywhere advertising events, new websites or businesses. This sort of label usage is great as a teaser to larger advertising and marketing campaigns. Adhesive labels and stickers can really boost an advertising campaign for a very small extra cost.

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