Monthly Archives: February 2018

Help your clients choose the right roll up stand

Roll up banner stands are perfect for portable promotions and can be used anywhere from trade shows or events to retail and business premises. Roll up stands are great products to offer clients. They’re versatile, effective and available at prices that allow you good margins. There are many different types of roll up banner stand… Read more »

Do you sell print by using print? If not – why not?

Do you deal in print? Do you sell print? Do you manage print? What about promoting your own service? Actually, print resellers often don’t use print to sell their own services, relying instead on cold calling, email or social media. If it’s strange that print resellers don’t market themselves using the very product they champion… Read more »

Think your customer service will win you new business?

As a print reseller, you might well put customer service at the forefront of your sales pitch. That’s what customers want, right? Actually, that’s what customers expect – as standard and every other print reseller or print broker who contacts that same potential customer is also claiming to offer the same excellent customer service as… Read more »

Roll up banner stands FAQs

The three most common questions about roll up banner stands Roll up banner stands are always popular because of their effectiveness and versatility. We see them in shops, at trade shows, events, hotel receptions, conferences and in many business premises. Many businesses want roll up banner stands but aren’t really sure how to use them…. Read more »