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How working with close clients ensures successful sticker design

Creative sticker campaigns and perfect product labelling These days sticker printing is used for everything from promotional campaigns, product labelling and branding packaging to updating existing print. Advancements in print technology have greatly improved what can be achieved in sticker printing and that means as designer or print reseller you have more options when supplying… Read more »

Top tips for designing an effective roll up banner stand

Roll up banner stands serve a multitude of purposes. They might advertise one-off events or be used more widely to introduce a business in trade shows or conferences. That’s why at we supply an extensive range of types and sizes to suit every purpose whether you need a stand you can use again and… Read more »

Watch sales soar with printed sticker advertising

Showcase your creativity with printed stickers Printed stickers can be a really creative way to promote brands, events or businesses. They’ve become popular marketing tools as part of advertising strategies and as stand-alone marketing campaigns. If your client is embarking on a promotion, they might be very receptive to the originality and flexibility offered by… Read more »

How best to utilise folded leaflets to advertise your design skills

Showcase your creativity with folded leaflet printing  As a designer, you’ll know just how much competition there is for design and marketing services. It’s not often easy to convince clients how much their sales could increase from using a professional designer. Many designers use custom printed leaflets to promote their services but also realise that… Read more »

5 ways to get the most out of a trade show booth

If you have an upcoming trade show and want to make the best possible impression, there are certain things you can do to help yourself along. A trade show is a great way to showcase and demonstrate your products or services to company representatives. Running a trade exhibition can be a great way to gain… Read more »