Monthly Archives: June 2017

Marketing with saddle stitched booklets

Getting longevity from your printed booklets We may live in the digital age but printed booklets are still at the forefront of many marketing strategies. That’s because we still prefer to browse and engage with physical print rather than read similar information online. At we supply printed documents for our trade customers throughout Ireland…. Read more »

Make your products more sellable with trade brochures

We’re constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising across all sorts of media. Press or television ads, online campaigns and printed marketing promotions are constantly trying to convince us to buy products and services. One marketing item that has been consistently successful and popular throughout decades of changing trends is the trade brochure. At we… Read more »

The binding question.

  Three questions to ask clients who are looking for document binding At we offer three types of bound documents to our trade customers: • Perfect binding With perfect binding, the single pages are stacked and squared off before being glued together along the spine. The cover is wrapped around and also glued to… Read more »

Booklet printing made easy

Preparing artwork for booklet printing Booklets and booklet printing are more popular today than ever. We print a huge amount of booklets for all sorts of trade customers. We’re delighted to supply our many loyal and new customers with printed booklets along with our full range of marketing products. The world of print is constantly… Read more »