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How We Do It

So your order arrived exactly as you wanted it and just when you needed it.

Of course it did!

But have you ever wondered what happens between you ordering online and your printed job arriving at your door? What would you find if you could take a virtual tour through TradeDigitalPrint.ie, starting at the point where we receive your order? (Apart, that is, from 32 infectiously enthusiastic print lovers buzzing around). 


Well, you can’t miss our Production Manager. Those automated processes that deliver print of the highest quality and unbeatable value for money? He’s in charge of those and of making sure they all run smoothly and efficiently.  

Next up it’s our pre press team. They’ll be checking your artwork to make sure there are no obvious errors and that it runs smoothly through the press. All of which saves time and money.

On to our print team. These guys are incredibly proud of the colours and image quality they get from our high resolution HP Indigo digital presses. They take it personally if your job isn’t perfect. In fact they’d rather reprint it than let it go if they’re not 100% happy. And if that means we’ve to order and pay for an extra fast courier, so be it. If it’s not perfect, it doesn’t leave the building!

Finally the finishing team cut, laminate and check your order. They’ve worked so long as a team that they see things instinctively that others simply can’t.  Then your job is carefully packed and sent on its way to you.  And that’s what we do! Thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you again soon! 


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